Nafta 7, 10152, Tallinn, Estonia | Tel : +37259339228 |

To realise our vision we have dedicated ourselves to a set of core values which guide our decisions and actions. These are:

  • Professionalism – Be professionals in what we do and always aim to exceed the expectations of our clients.
  • Reliability – Say what we do, do what we say and always be there when needed.
  • Effectiveness – Be efficient and effective in our approach to give the best solution each time.
  • Empowerment – Empower employees to take initiative and perform the best.
  • Simplicity – Have an uncomplicated approach in what we do and services we provide.
  • Teamwork – Work together for achieving our mission and objectives, irrespective of our role.
  • Integrity – Always act with honesty, fairness, transparency and morality.
  • Respect – Treat every client, seafarer, supplier and employee with the same respect and dignity.