Nafta 7, 10152, Tallinn, Estonia | Tel : +37259339228 |


  • Keep our word by doing what we say we will do
  • Be sincere, reliable, fair and treat people with respect
  • Obey the law and operate under national and international regulations
  • Own up to our accomplishments and learn from our mistakes
  • Always operate with the client’s best interest in mind


  • Exceed customer expectations through individual care, attention and superior service
  • Enable our employees to develop meaningful and rewarding careers and grow professionally
  • Be socially responsible in the communities we serve
  • Safeguard and protect people and the environment
  • Maintain independence, long term focus and commitment to excellent service


  • Continuously learn and improve everything we do
  • Search and apply best practices and learn from experience
  • Identify and manage risks proactively and through careful planning
  • Effectively manage and grow all resources and assets entrusted by clients
  • Anticipate, manage, and implement opportunities for growth


  • Constantly collaborate with customers, colleagues, and external partners
  • Form teams and rely on facts to find the best solution
  • Communicate openly and candidly with everyone
  • Seek feedback and share information quickly
  • Build and nurture solid relationships by finding common ground